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NAVO Means New/ NAVO Means Music

Paul Horsley

Aug 8, 2022


One of the more significant of these is NAVO Arts, a professional group of highly accomplished artists, mostly musicians, who since the group’s founding in 2015-2016 has struggled for attention in the midst of the region’s arts cornucopia.

Soon to begin its eighth season, NAVO is the brainchild of several performers from the Kansas City metro and beyond.

The group was just getting off the ground when the pandemic arrived to slow its momentum, but its directors are here to say that NAVO is back and is as relevant, as adventurous, and as fun as ever. Oh, and there’s one other thing that its founding directors, Shah Sadikov and Véronique Mathieu, are almost hesitant to mention: All of NAVO’s concerts are free.

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